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Why Choose Sameday Health Covid Testing

Dec 13, 2022
Why Choose Sameday Health Covid Testing

When a new disease was identified in December 2019, little did the world know that it would change the world forever. The World Health Organization declared the disease as contagious and named it Noval Corona Virus and the infection it spread as Covid-19. Within months, the world came to a standstill with millions deceased and billions suffering from the infection or fear of it.

We have never experienced a pandemic, but the disease taught us many things in a few months, such as using a surgical mask to cover the mouth and nose, disinfecting hands with sanitizers, and regular pathological tests to diagnose the illness. Government agencies enforced routine pathological tests to identify the infected and isolate them from spreading the virus.

The speed at which the results are published is equally important as the accuracy of the results. Sameday Health offers faster results with higher accuracy at affordable rates at the patient’s convenience.


Why Are Pathological Tests Necessary´╝č

We, humans, believe we are intelligent, adaptive, and possess better Hygienic practices than any creature in the universe, but a tiny microcosm proved we were wrong.

Advanced medical facilities and dedicated research have helped us gain the upper hand over life-threatening pandemics, but we can’t relish the sweetness of victory.

Covid-19 takes only a few weeks to travel from one part of the world to another; the world is changing so are the viruses. The difficult times have taught us the importance of conducting pathological tests, not only to diagnose a virus but also for the early identification of lifestyle diseases.



Covid Testing in Sameday Health

It is mandatory to test for Covid 19. The best way to prevent the disease from spreading is to avoid contact with infected people. Testing for Covid 19 is the only way to identify infected people, and the time required to get the results is critical.

Accurate and faster results can always control disease spreading from one person to many. With trained professional technicians, Sameday Health Covid Test offers faster and more accurate results. Tests can be booked online, and Sameday Health offers Fast, reliable, and non-invasive RT-PCR & Antigen tests.

Sameday Health offers services to collect the test specimen from the patient's location if the date and time for testing are provided. Covid 19 tests are available for teams. The specimen can be collected in the lab or from the location. A dedicated account manager is provided for group testing. The results will be available online on the same day, and individuals can choose whether to share inspection results with supervisors.


Great Deals Available

The bulk booking is offered for discounted rates in Sameday Health. COVID-19 RT-PCR kits are available for $115 per test for bulk orders. Sameday Health will mail the kits to the patients, who will drop off the test kit at the nearest FedEx location for same-day shipping. The results will be available within 12 hours of receipt at the laboratory.

COVID-19 Rapid RT-PCR Test bulk orders are available for startups and production units. A custom code will be provided, which can be shared with the group members who need tests. Unused coupons will be refunded in full. The rates are available at the base price of $200.

Quick and reliable Rapid Antigen Tests for teams are available for a base price of $ 65 in Sameday Health. The team members must visit the clinics with a custom code to enjoy the offer. Covid-19 RT-PCR tests are available with Sameday Health for a base price of $135. A custom code can be shared among members of a team or attendees of an event. The test can be booked online for the offer rates with the custom code.


Covid-19 Vaccines

Sameday Health offers the best remedy for spreading the illness: vaccination. The Covid -19 vaccines can be booked online with the date and time specified. The vaccinations are available on the same date.



Necessary Tests for Better Health

A pathological test keeps you informed about your health and gives an early warning if you have any health issues; it doesn’t matter how small it is. The fear unleashed by Covid -19 has almost ended, but preventing getting sick is better than taking treatments.


General Tests in Clinics for Health Assessments

Thyroid Hormone Tests are necessary to know the thyroid levels which control the flow of energy in our body. Sameday Health offers Thyroid Hormone Tests for $ 100 in the clinics. Vitamin Tests can be used to identify vitamin insufficiencies in our body and is available for $125 in Sameday Health clinics.

Male Hormone Tests are required to determine the health of the reproductive organs and sperm production. The tests are offered at $ 250 in the clinics of Sameday Health. The female Hormone Test is equally important as the male hormone test, which Sameday Health provides for $ 250. You can choose the appropriate solution according to your needs



The STDs/STIs may appear without any symptoms, and you may not even be aware of the illness. The best practice is to undergo STD/STI Tests in approved clinical laboratories. The test is recommended twice a year, and Sameday Health offers comprehensive testing for six common STDs and STIs. Sameday Health meets high standards and ensures your results are private and confidential.


Wellness Care from Same-Day Health

Sameday Health provides a wellness package that ensures sufficient vitamins as IV drips. Sameday Health offers Immunity IV, Energy Boosters, and Muscle Relaxers. Trained laboratory staff will administer the IV injection.

Sameday Health provides pathological tests to diagnose UTIs, TB, and allergies. The website offers various virtual care services, such as Anxiety, Depression, Stress, and Substance use.



The importance of regular testing has increased after the epidemic. Standard tests are required for the early diagnosis of diseases. The speed and accuracy of the test are critical in many cases, especially in life-threatening illnesses. The difficult times remind us that pathological tests must be part of our routines.

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