Why Should You Choose to Buy Stoggles?

Why Should You Choose to Buy Stoggles?

At Stoggles, they not only recognize the importance of eye protection, but they also appreciate the clean lines and modern style. Their goal is to create eye protection that is both functional and stylish, so you can feel confident and look great at the same time.

Their mission is to send the message that you can have it all - fashion and function - without sacrificing your safety. They are a fashion-forward company that designs and manufactures high-quality safety glasses. their glasses are designed to be both stylish and functional, so you can look good and stay safe at the same time.

They are committed to providing their customers with the best possible products and customer service. Stoggles believe in putting its customers first and making sure that they are happy with their purchase. They'll make sure you find the perfect pair of glasses to suit your needs and lifestyle.

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Advantages of Stoggles Safety Glasses

While regular glasses and sunglasses have their unique benefits, they don’t offer the durability or protection that you need in certain situations. That’s where Stoggles come in - they’re a hybrid style of eyewear that

- fits like your regular eyeglasses,

- protects like safety glasses,

- meets the safety standards you’d expect from incredibly durable personal protective equipment.

Whether you're working in a laboratory, garage, or any other environment where you need eye protection, Stoggles are the perfect solution. They’re also great for sports and outdoor activities where you need to be able to see clearly but also need protection from the elements.

One of the most important features of Stoggles is that they are fashionable. This may seem like a minor detail, but it is actually a safety feature. If your eye protection isn't comfortable and attractive, you're not going to wear it, whether at home, work, or at play.

By making Stoggles both protective and aesthetically pleasing, you don't have to choose between safety and style. Stoggles are also a better solution than prescription safety glasses for a number of reasons.


Side and Top Shields

Stoggles are designed with streamlined top and side shields to protect the areas around your eye that your prescription glasses leave vulnerable. Their side and top shields are made from polycarbonate material, the same material they use on their tough-as-nails lenses and arms.

This allows them to withstand whatever you throw at them, whether it's a fast-paced game of squash or a day spent in the great outdoors.

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Prescription Stoggles

When it comes to safety and effectiveness, prescription eyewear is a critical part of your personal protective equipment (PPE). That's why Stoggles offers a wide selection of prescription-ready eyewear to meet your specific needs.

They handle all prescription requests in-house, so you can be sure that your eyewear is the safest, most effective, and most expertly customized part of your PPE. Whether you're looking for impact-resistant safety glasses, anti-fog lenses, or any other type of prescription eyewear, Stoggles has you covered.

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Even wearing a mask Stogles anti-fog lenses will not fog up


If you wear glasses, you know how annoying it is when they fog up. You have to remove them to be able to see, and then your eyes are unprotected and at risk of injury. Being taken off-task to stop and wipe down your glasses also presents a preventable safety issue. But if you choose eyewear with anti-fog lenses, you won't have to worry about this anymore.

Stoggles lenses are coated with an anti-fogging chemical that changes the way water vapor collects on the surface. This prevents fogging and allows you to stay on task without ever needing to remove your Stoggles to wipe them down.

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UV Blocking


Promotional image of the gold Stoggles UV glasses


We all know how important it is to protect our skin from harmful UV rays, but did you know that your eyes are just as susceptible to damage from the sun?

Whether you’re spending time outdoors or in an environment that exposes you to ultraviolet or infrared radiation, it’s important to make sure your lenses offer UV protection.

Fortunately, Stoggles are made from super lightweight (and comfortable) polycarbonate, which naturally blocks UV rays, keeping your eyes safe and comfortable. So, whether you’re hitting the beach or the slopes, you can rest assured that your Stoggles will help protect your precious peepers from the harmful effects of the sun.


Stoggles Safety Eyewear

When it comes to safety glasses, you have a lot of options. But if you need a pair that has a customized prescription, your options may be more limited. That's where Stoggles comes in. They offer exceptional safety eyewear that can be customized to your specific prescription. So no matter what your vision needs are, they can help you find the perfect pair of safety glasses.

Stoggles' team of engineers and designers work hard to create products that not only meet the highest safety standards but also look great and are comfortable to wear.

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