Cheap Travel: Uncovering the Best Affordable Destinations

Cheap Travel: Uncovering the Best Affordable Destinations

Do you search for cheap places to travel and want to uncover the best affordable destinations? We provide a pack of suitable information about how to travel cheaply in the best form of this blog. 

Undertaking budget travel planning, deciding which countries to stay, and choosing cheap flights will let you find the best option.

According to CouponStore’s research and groping, these 10 countries will help you craft cheap vacation ideas regardless of your low budget for exploring the beautiful places in the world.

Find the places that show you affordable destinations as:



To avail of discounted travel on the planet, Thailand has the best cheap places to travel that would fill you with its utmost beauty. People happened to abandon their jobs in the past in a move to explore the affordable adventure trips in this country. Located at the heart of South East Asia, Thailand offers affordable touristic wonders.

This land of mountains and jungles is cheaper. If you spend $ 25-30 a day, you can avail a lot.

Within the said amount, you can avail the guesthouses, you can enjoy the food streets and, above all, your fare for local conveyance may be available too. In addition, you can observe many touristic attractions available in the country.

On the other hand, you have to burn many resources in many countries to see such kinds of wonders. Thailand is a cheaper place, which you should not miss.


Central America


Woman Surfing At Sunset


Again, if you tend to explore the beauty of the world with stunning days, sandy beaches, and eye-catching sceneries under low-cost travel, cheap travel is available in the lands of Central America.

Here in the region, you can witness ancient ruins, explore the vast jungles, and enjoy a range of surfing spots. Besides, if you are fond of delicious foods, the lands of Central America are the exact cheap places to travel.

In particular, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador are the destinations that can offer you to enjoy staying at hotels at $ 15-30 for one night and give you meals below $5.

The journeys with affordable buses also make this land attractive for fans of cheap travel. Besides, Costa Rica, Panama, and Belize are the places where you have to spend $40-50 per day. Definitely, these are rather costly areas.



To educate about cheap travel, China is to be mentioned in particular. China is a country that has become the talk of the town nowadays due to its economic growth.

However, its unique destinations for the fond of touristic wonders are worth mentioning too. Its rural and countryside areas are packed with unmatchable beauty.

There are many places to travel for cheap. You need to come to the bargaining city centers and enjoy the natural wonders under a low budget. You can stay in hostels for less than 20 USD. Travelers need to spend only 2-5 USD per meal. Likewise, traveling by bus is not more than one USD.



India is also a distinguished country among the places to travel for cheap. It provides very affordable rates for enjoying even western style stays and meals. For this purpose, you have to spend 50 USD. If you want to stay in cheap guesthouses, only 30 USD can be charged.

Besides, one of the best iconic sights is waiting for you in the shape of the Taj Mahal. Likewise, a history of rich culture with amazing sites is the best attraction on a cost-friendly budget.




Cambodian Grandma Picking Lotus Root



Cambodia serves the best to the tourists loving cheap travel. If you would like to explore the diversity in natural views, cultural sites, and past of the region, Cambodia offers you places to travel for cheap.

This country is a land of hospitable people who can add more fun and memory to your passion. For only $25, an air-conditioned room is available.

You can taste its food streets for only $2-5. Likewise, traveling by bus is also not expensive. You need to spend only $20-25 for roaming around the cheap places.

If you want to see an incredible Angkor Wat, this place is really waiting for you. For those who search for cheap travel, Cambodia should never be missed.


The Balkans

For cheap travel throughout the world, various areas offer a unique blend of attractions. The Balkans is a sub-region within Europe. On the Southeastern part of the continent, The Balkans is situated. This area specifically serves to explore diversity on a cost-friendly budget. The travelers have not yet rushed to it in abundance.

The Balkans offers amazement with its astounding hiking, unbelievable nature, stunning coasts, delicious foods, and wild nightlife. That is why it is a hidden jewel in Europe with cheap places and travels.

In Europe, this area is ideal for cheap travel. Per day, you can spend 30 USD to enjoy all this.



The search for cheap travel leads you to Georgia, a country that lies in a unique location on the planet. You can enjoy everything in Georgia. It is cheaper but offers ancient sights of touristic precious importance.

With a lot of rural and countryside areas, you can enjoy travel cheaply. You need to spend only 25-30 USD per day. You can witness sites of historical relevance within 2-3 USD.




Beautiful Scenery Of Portugal'S Seaside Towns


Among the cheap travel, Portugal cannot be skipped. Located in Europe, affordable tourism is available in Portugal too.

To enjoy beaches, seaside cliffs, hearty foods, and ancient sights, you need to spend only 50-60 USD per day. Outside the capital city of Lisbon, you can avail affordable travel.



Under a low budget, Mexico is the best option for fans of tourist spots. Herewith, you can see archaeological sites in the heart of Central America. This country is a land of cheap destinations. Spend only 50 USD per day and enjoy sighting marvelous beauty here too.



On the page of cheap travel in the world, you can find Morocco as another option to stay far away from rush urban centers. It is a dreamland for photography. The desert here gives stunning views and fills you with awe and bliss.

Tourists fell in love with Morocco whenever they happen to visit the country. It is a cheaper place to travel. For one day, you can spend $30-40 to have marvelous sights.

After reading the aforementioned suggestions, I think you know where you want to go. There are surprises in store for you if you take a look at the travel coupons offered by CouponStore before you leave.

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