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A coupon code, also known as a promo code, is a computer-generated code made up of letters or numbers that customers can input in a promotional box on a website's shopping cart (or checkout page) to receive a discount on their current purchase. Coupons started long time ago they were once printed sheets that could be only used in stores to obtain discounts from merchants on specific products.

A coupon code, sometimes known as a promo code or a voucher code, is a type of online discount code that can be used at the checkout to reduce price.

Follow these easy steps to apply discount.
1. After you've discovered a coupon code you'd like to use on, click the "Reveal Code" button to reveal your code in a new window.
2. Copy the code; By right-clicking and selecting copy, you may copy the code from the box.
3. Go to the online store and add your items to the shopping cart.
4. Look for a box called "Promo code" or ‘‘Coupon code’’ beside your purchase total at checkout and enter the code you got on Your discount will then be applied to your outstanding balance.

You don't need a promo code for product deals and other sorts of Offers. Simply click the "Get Deal" or "Get Offer" button, and the discount will be added to your order instantly at checkout.

If a notice appears after applying a promo code suggesting that the code is invalid, double-check the deal specifics. The following are some of the most common reasons:

1. The purchase's minimum subtotal amount has not been met.
2. The coupon cannot be used with any other discounts that have already been applied.
3. The coupon does not apply to the products in the cart.
4. The promotion has come to an end.

Each person is allowed to use each coupon code only once. You can use different coupons at same time on a variety of products.

On, deals are the money-saving Offers that usually include a "Get Deal" or "Get Offer" button. On deals you don’t need a coupon code to get discount. These are sale notifications, letting you know that decreased prices have already been marked on the store's website.

Simply go to and click the on the "Get Deal" button to be transported to the store's website, where you can save money on your purchases.

There are no restrictions on the number of deals that may be obtained. You are free to obtain as many discounts as you like as long as they are active and accessible.

Cash Back Offers are digital offers that give you money back when you make a purchase. Your bill will not alter at checkout, unlike a coupon, and you will receive your money back within several days of purchase.

To activate the Cash Back Offer, click the offer link and proceed directly to the retailer's website from to make your purchase. To guarantee that we obtain your information from the seller, shop and finish your purchase in the same session. Then take a seat and relax while we do the rest.
When you make a purchase and we obtain confirmation from the merchant, your status will change to "Pending," and we'll get to work on processing the reward.

All you have to do is activate the deal, make your purchase, and you'll be credited with cash. You must submit a receipt or link your loyalty card since you will not earn cash back at the moment of purchase. Once you've activated the offer, you may attach your retailer loyalty card or upload a photo of your receipt to [email protected] to receive cash back in your PayPal account once the offers have been processed and the transaction has been authenticated.

Cash back offers might take up to 45 days to execute, Once approved the reward will be available to withdraw from your wallet to your PayPal account.

Each purchase you make necessitates activation. Any transaction made in connection with an offer that is not activated will be ineligible since we will not get any needed merchant information about your purchase. When using our cash back offer, all you have to do is click the activate button at the time of purchase. Your cash back offer will be active and you will receive an email notification.

There might be several reasons:
1. The purchase fell short of the required amount (if applicable).
2. The item you bought was not eligible for the promotion.
3. You either did not navigate directly from to the retailer's site, or you left the retailer's site before making your purchase after being led there by The retailer will not notify us that your purchase was made in this scenario.

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